Jennifer Meier is a freelance writer and trained chef specializing in written content and recipe development for businesses in the food and beverage industry. I also write for online publications with cooking, health, wellness and parenting content.

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More About Jennifer
I’m a graduate of the California Culinary Institute in San Francisco with more than a decade of hands-on experience in the food industry. You name it, and I’ve done it. I’ve worked in the front and back of the house as a cook, server, restaurant manager, and even as a fromagère. I’ve been a wine buyer, a cheesemonger and the manager of a gourmet food shop.

I learned a lot working in the food industry, including how to communicate effectively with customers and how to make customers hungry for the products and services I was selling. These experiences, paired with a BA in Communications, make me uniquely skilled at producing well-written, inspired content for marketing materials, blog posts, website content, articles, newsletters, e-books, cookbooks and more. My writing is informed by my in-depth knowledge of the food and beverage industry and a passion for cooking, health, and wellness. Plus, I just really like to eat.

In addition to short-form content, I also provide ghostwriting services for books, cookbooks and e-books. I specialize in ghostwriting for companies, professionals and foodies who want to communicate their ideas about food, cooking, health and/or wellness.  I also ghostwrite books on culinary topics. In addition, I write personal biographies and life stories through the website Story Terrace.